What We Know About Metabolic Syndrom ?

People from all countries must be familiar with Metabolic Syndrom, further discussion about Metabolic syndrom, do you know what is it?

Metabolic syndrom is a constellation of interconnected physiological, biochemical, clinical, and metabolic factors that risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes melitus and all cause mortality.

What is supporting factor?

It can caused by leak of pysical activity, genetic factors, over weight and obesity

How can we try detect someone with metabolic syndrom ?

We can see on abdominal obesity, triglyceride level, low level of HDL cholesterol, high systolic blood pressure and high result on fasting glucose.

Correspondence with data from WHO, around 20-25% world’s adult population have metabolic syndrom. In south east Asia, prevalence overweight significantly increase especially in Malaysia. Malaysia has the highest obesity rate in Southeast Asia and almost every second Malaysian adult is either overweight or obese.obes


source: http://www.healthworks.my

However, after 20 years of research, The Nurses’ Health Study has concluded that Asians have more than double the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes for a given level of BMI compared to people of European descent. As we know that the high risk of metabolic syndrom is CVD and diabetic type 2, but beside that, there are many desease following when people have syndrom metabolic like below picture

metabolic syndrom


source: http://www.healthworks.my

To avoid Metabolic syndrom, we have to change lifestyle, eat clean food, start to regularly do physical activity min 1 hour/ day, And consume some supplement as a support for our health.

Monteloeder, Spain is one of innovative company who produce for branded ingredient support for Metabolic syndrom called Metabolaid.

For further information of MetabolAid, we will make a special article on rubric scientific studies.


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