Healthy skin always be a concern for many people due to skin is the outer layer of our body, anything happen with our skin will be seen clearly. There’s so many product on market that offer a solusion for skin problem, even on oral supplement or for topical cream, serum etc. But not all of them are from natural source, which can make a some new problem if it not suitable for their skin type.

Pomegranate well known as a super fruit which rich of antioxidant than any other fruit juice. Raw Pomegranate fruit has anti-oxidants, mainly anthocyanins, catechins, ellagic tannins, and gallic and ellagic acids. The unique antioxidant including also standardized in Viqua is Punicalagin (a ellagic acid precursor).

The highest content of antioxidant is from the skin/rind instead of the edible interior, so we can say that it’s more effective if we take whole fruit from rind to the seed.

But, How it can be possible?

VIQUA, extract Pomegranate from whole part of fruit (rind till the seed) encapsulated using French ADS nanotechnology which taken from Phosholipids extracted from pomegranate seed oil. Contain of 40% polyphenol and 10% Punicalagin.

Viqua specifically can entrance to the mitochondria because of the ADS capsule, it will cut the ROS inside body (cell level) and increase SOD on mitochondria. Beside that, Viqua can break the formation of collagenase and elastase which can cause destruction of collagen and elastin on skin. In the end, it can prevent the occurrence of permanent inflamation such as dry skin, wrinkles, weak blood microcirculation, pigmentation, and dull skin. In cell level, it can help to boost cells energy and regeneration of mitochondria, enhance metabolism of cells in human body.

Viqua is a powder form which really water soluble, safe, from natural source, easy to formulated for oral and topical, and stand to high temperature.Picture1

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