Viqua® to Beautifies the Skin

Why do most people want to be beautiful? Being beautiful would increase the self esteem as well as social acceptance. The first thing that we can do is to improve our skin health to help keep our skin looking its best. Nowadays, people are looking for natural ingredients that can be used to support beauty from within.

Viqua®, which made from 100% pomegranate extract, is a nutricosmetics ingredients that whitens and rejuvenates skin form within. It is equipped with ADS® nano-delivery system that allows mitochondrial-level cell penetration. Pomegranate extract in Viqua® is extracted from whole pomegranate fruits (peel, seeds, juice) that has more antioxidants than any other fruit juice.

What are the benefits of Viqua®? It has been proven in the clinical studies that Viqua® would improve skin hydration, skin moisturization, skin smoothness, reduce skin roughness, reduce wrinkles, boost blood microcirculation, reduce dark spots. Not only that it has various benefits, Viqua® is also highly stable in any formulation and has higher bioavailability.

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