Established in 2004, VICA was primarily selling herbal ingredients as our initial step into the market. Comprehend that “Health issues” are getting more and more important and good quality of ingredients shall formulate “best final products”. To that purpose, we source our ingredients from the reliable and reputable manufacturer which produce good and high quality product with trustworthy professional service. Aiming to perform the very best service, we are willing to dedicate the maximum effort and capacity to satisfy all customers. With regards to that, we fully response to the market trends and customer demands.

Knowing the importance of customers and suppliers, we respect both in a same way. By establishing sincere and faithful business cooperation with all suppliers and maintaining close relation with all customers, we are confident that we shall improve the business and develop the market share altogether.

In terms of seriously focus on customers satisfactions, PT. VICA, has gathered the competent staffs with strong knowledge to support the sales. We put our people as the first assets and together we move on towards the market, despite of going through the competition. We are also there to help and offer solutions upon problems.

Our Philosophy

To Contribute The Highest Quality Products For People’s Health.

PT. Verentia Inti Cipta Alami

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