1. Collactiveâ„¢
Combination of two main constituents of the extracellular matrix: elastin fibres for dermis suppleness and collagen fibres for tensile strength in the same ratio as in the dermis. Also has an anti-wrinkle synergic action and skin moisturizing function.

2. Collagen HM
Purified hydrolyzed marine collagen, soluble in aqueous phase and fully digestible. Recommended for food supplements to promote cartilage, bones, and skin regeneration.

3. Protein M+
Marine cartilage extract that combines the most important components of connective tissues and has proven benefit on skin and cartilage especially.

4. Prolastin
Purified hydrolyzed marine elastin to promote skin resilience and healthy ageing.

5. Bioxan
Tocopherols for cosmetics from 100% natural NON GMO vegetable oil.