Newcaff® – Sustained Caffeine Release with a Clean Taste

Newcaff® microcapsules is a novel caffeine delivery system which has been designed to mask the bitter taste of caffeine and provide sustained release.


Caffeine is a methylxanthine alkaloid which is a well-known for its properties in the central nervous system, its action as a metabolic stimulant, and a fatigue reducer. Caffeine, however, is quickly absorbed and therefore its stimulating effect can be felt instantly after consumption leading to energy fluctuations. In addition, this compound has a bitter taste which compromises its addition into food systems.


One of the trends driving the sports nutrition market growth is the sustained energy claim. Following this trend, there is currently a need for caffeinated products which can continuously provide the desired benefits associated without the unwanted effects for a longer tme.


This need can be met by Newcaff® microcapsules which is designed by using lipid hot-melt fluid bed microencapsulation technique to provide a controlled release off caffeine with the additional benefit of masking its objectional bitter taste.


Newcaff® is suitable for diverse applications, such as energy powder blends, bars, gels, chewable tablets, milkshakes and different kinds of dietary supplements.


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