MenaquinGold® – Natural Vitamin K2-7 that Helps Reduce the Severity of COVID-19

Two years ago, we never thought that we would be living through a global pandemic. In this pandemic era, people are competing to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health not only by consuming healthy foods, but also through increasing their vitamin, mineral and other dietary supplement intake to boost immunity and endurance. Many people hoped that these products would provide some protection against Covid-19 infection or at least reduce the severity of the disease. How about you? What supplements are you taking during this pandemic?

Among various types of supplements that people consume, Vitamin K2 is one of the emerging ingredients that people are talking about. It is often found in combination with Vitamin D3. Why is it so? Vitamin D3 is proven to support a healthy immune system and it helps to increase calcium level in the body through gastrointestinal tract, yet it may lead to arterial calcification where calcium builds up in the arterial walls causing it to lose its flexibility. Vitamin K2 helps to ensure that the calcium transported by Vitamin D3 is absorbed well in the body and goes to where it should –into our bones. Moreover, a study also found that Vitamin K deficiency is associated with worst Covid-19 outcome especially on people who have comorbidities. This happens because Vitamin K has anti-inflammatory effect. However, the good news is Vitamin K2 has shown more potent anti-inflammatory effect compared to Vitamin K1.

What would be the best source of Vitamin K2 to be combined with Vitamin D3 then? The anwer is MenaquinGold®, a Natural Vitamin K2-7 composed of all trans form which has been supported with multiple efficacies and safety studies. Meanwhile, Synthetic Vitamin K2 may contains cis forms which does not have true safety or toxicity studies. On top of that, MenaquinGold® is the only Vitamin K2-7 that has received USFDA GRAS Approval Letter.

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