Magshape® – Concentrated Source of Magnesium for an Active Lifestyle

Magshape® is a highly concentrated magnesium source effective at restoring and maintaining a healthy level of magnesium in human cells and bones


Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in energy metabolism, respiratory function and maintenance of normal muscle contraction ad relaxation. Magnesium deficiency may lead to the distortion of neuromuscular function, suggesting a possible association between magnesium and muscle cramps. However, despite magnesium’s critical role, maintaining its intake at an adequate level has been frequently overlooked, therefore magnesium supplementation has been widely recommended.


In this respect, Magshape® can contribute to an appropriate muscular function and an adequate energy level for better performance. Furthermore, the bloodstream to deliver its health benefits. Additionally, as Magshape® contains magnesium oxide, it has more elemental magnesium, available to tissues. An improved stability, flowability, compressibility and pleasant taste compared to other magnesium sources is also achieved thanks to the microencapsulation technology applied in the product.


Through various studies done on Magshape®, it has been proven that Magshape® outperforms unencapsulated magnesium oxide, provide relaxation effect on the nervous transmission, as well as improve muscular function thanks to its relaxation capacity. Another good news is that Magshape® would be suitable for different application, such as capsules, tablet, chewable pills, orosoluble powders among other dietary supplements.


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