Lipofer® – Highly Bioavailable Source of Iron

Did you know the function of iron in the body? Iron is an essential trace mineral needed by the body for growth and development. It is also needed by our red blood cells which helps carrying oxygen throughout our body. Healthy red blood cells will keep our body healthy and make us full of energy.

Have you ever heard that infant, children and pregnant women generally need more iron intake? It is because these groups are most vulnerable to iron deficiency since iron is needed to support the growth of the baby and children. Then, what is the impact of iron deficiency? It could lead to unhealthy red blood cells and may cause anemia. The most common symptoms are tiredness, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and many more. Due to this, it is very important to achieve optimal iron intake through food and supplement consumption.

Unfortunately, iron usually has metallic taste and low bioavailability. It may also cause side effect in the digestive tract, such as constipation, stomach upset, etc. The good news is Lipofer® Microcapsules has a solution to overcome the problems of other regular iron in the market. Lipofer® Microcapsules has water-dispersible characteristic with reduced metallic taste, enhanced absorption and wouldn’t cause digestive tract irritation.

Lipofer® Microcapsules is also backed with many clinical studies. It has been proven in the studies that iron absorption is increased through Lipofer® Microcapsules consumption compared to regular Ferric pyrophosphate, Ferrous sulfate, and Ferrous fumarate. Furthermore, another study also showed that consumption of Lipofer®-fortified juice significantly improved the iron status in women with low ferritin level. Lipofer® Microcapsules is available to be formulated in different application.

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