Herbal Extract

1. Guarana
2. Chlorophylin
3. Bilberry
4. Black Tea
5. Green Tea
6. Ginseng
7. Echinacea
8. Garcinia Cambodia
9. Ginkgo BIloba
10. Epimedium
11. Butea Superba
12. Licorice Extract
Licorice extract is a natural flavor and, respectively a flavoring, sweetening and debittering agent. It is sometimes used as a natural coloring agent in food applications.
We offer an extended range of standardized Licorice qualities to meet the demand of the worldwide industrial users as far as the sensory characteristics, the commercial form and the handling are concerned:
• Licorice Nuggets
• Licorice Granules
• Licorice Liquid Paste
• QSLic – Quick Soluble Licorice Spray-Powder
• Licorice Blocks