FitNox® – Plant-based Matrix to Boost Physical Performance

Have you ever wondered why do we feel pain after exercise? Exercising requires our muscles to work harder than they are used to. It stresses our muscles and causes muscle soreness. It also makes us feel exhausted which may reduce our endurance and performance.

How to help relieve muscle soreness then? People usually needs to take rest, do some gentle stretching, do muscle massage, some people even take over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicine to speed up the recovery, and many more. It must be very nice if we would be able to do exercise longer, feel less exhausted, and less muscle soreness after exercising.

FitNox® would be a perfect solution for you. FitNox® is a plant-based matrix ingredient that has been scientifically proven to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) level which promotes vasodilation and blood flow, and supports improved endurance. Vasodilation is the widening of blood vessels that enhance the blood flow and oxygen delivery to parts of the body that need it most. It is much needed when doing exercise as the muscles you are exercising require more nutrients and oxygen[1].

Moreover, FitNox® also reduces muscle fatigue markers, raise dopamine levels and improve endurance. Dopamine will keep us feel motivated while doing the exercise. All these benefits can be obtained by consuming only 250mg of Fitnox®. The study also found that FitNox® is fast acting (1 hours) and long lasting (10 hours). FitNox® reduces oxidative stress in muscle, prevents fatigue, and promotes endurance[1,2].



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