M-Gard® to enhances your immune system

Keeping ourselves healthy is always important, especially in the middle of the pandemic. Therefore, we need strong immune system to protect the body from pathogens, like bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. M-Gard® can keep you healthy by boosting the immune system and raising your resistance level. It has been proven in the studies that M-Gard® can:

Hytolive® that help us to live our life

Hytolive® is an olive fruit extract containing natural hydroxytyrosol which extracted without any solvents or additives. Hydroxytyrosol is the most active polyphenol in olives with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. It protects blood lipids from oxidative stress and supports heart health, joint health, prevent aging, prevent neurodegenerative disease, and many more. Hytolive® is HALAL and

Turmacin® for those who exercise regularly

A lot of people are doing exercise from home to stay active during this pandemic. Turmacin® is an excellent choice for those who exercise regularly because it increases the time to onset of pain during exercise, allowing fitness enthusiasts to push harder, longer. It also effectively eases joint pain and increases joint mobility in physically active

GutGard® – Flavonoid-rich bioactive for daily digestive health

Hello friends! I am Mr. Guard. I would like to help you understand the daily digestive health benefits of GutGard®. GutGard® is a clinically researched, flavonoid-rich, natural bioactive for daily digestive health. It protects our gut from various daily digestive health issues and works both in stomach and intestine. Check out our new video to learn more

Share Healthy Milk – PSAA Putra Utama

This Time We Share Healthy Milk In Panti Sosial Asuhan Anak Putra Utama 4 Cengkareng. In the orphanage there were 142 children. Woow.. it so many yaa.  Antusiases and their spirit looks when we come and socialize The Benefits Of Milk. Many things that happen there. All who have been good from participants and teachers and

Share Healthy Milk – Taman Asuhan Anak Pertiwi

so glad we can be a blessing to many people. with a healthy milk by program that we shared in one of the institutions in the central Jakarta. children who were present at the time with 40 people. they are very happy to receive the milk. the event was again attended by government institutions such

Visit us in FiA 2018 – Jakarta International Expo

We participate on Food Ingredients Asia 2018  that will be held on 3 – 5 Oct 2018. Come and Visit us on A3 Booth R12. See you there.  

Happy 12th Anniversary VICA !

Proudly celebrating VICA’s 12th year anniversary on November 10th. We wish  all the success for many more years to come and and look forward to the coming years…

a FUN DAY celebrating 12th year VICA’s anniversary

Celebrating VICA’s 12th anniversary, we spent the day with elderly people from Sahabat Baru.. WOW… It was FUN!… 😀 We are so grateful because we can share joy and happiness together… The one we can learned is  “The best way to multiply your happiness is to share it with others”  

VICA’s 11th Anniversary

Proudly celebrating VICA’s 11th year anniversary on November 10th, it’s over a decade now and shall keep our long vision ahead. Our gratitude to all valuable principal partners, loyal customers and the excellent team with endless spirit. Thank you for the great years we have had and look forward to the coming years….not to be