Collagen Tripeptide to Moisturizes the Skin

Lately, people are more concerned to improve their skin, hair, and nail health. One of the most popular ingredients to improve hair, skin, and nails is collagen. It is mostly found in the market in powder and tablet form. What is the function of collagen? It is the most abundant protein in the human body

Hytolive® that help us to live our life

Hytolive® is an olive fruit extract containing natural hydroxytyrosol which extracted without any solvents or additives. Hydroxytyrosol is the most active polyphenol in olives with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. It protects blood lipids from oxidative stress and supports heart health, joint health, prevent aging, prevent neurodegenerative disease, and many more. Hytolive® is HALAL and

Lipocal® – Microencapsulated Water-Dispersible Calcium

Did you know the importance of calcium for the body? Calcium is essential to maintain body health and prevent chronic disease such as osteoporosis, arterial hypertension, obesity and colon cancer. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body which needed to give structure and hardness for our bones and teeth. Optimal calcium intake will

Lipofer® – Highly Bioavailable Source of Iron

Did you know the function of iron in the body? Iron is an essential trace mineral needed by the body for growth and development. It is also needed by our red blood cells which helps carrying oxygen throughout our body. Healthy red blood cells will keep our body healthy and make us full of energy.

Hytolive® – Natural Hydroxytyrosol for Cardiovascular Health

Why do we need to maintain cardiovascular health? It is because our cardiovascular system plays an important role in the body. It delivers oxygen, nutrients, and other important substances to cells and organs in the body. It is often said that healthy lifestyle begins from a healthy heart since many problems could occur if we

MenaquinGold® – Natural Vitamin K2-7 that Helps Reduce the Severity of COVID-19

Two years ago, we never thought that we would be living through a global pandemic. In this pandemic era, people are competing to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain good health not only by consuming healthy foods, but also through increasing their vitamin, mineral and other dietary supplement intake to boost immunity and endurance. Many

Turmacin® for those who exercise regularly

A lot of people are doing exercise from home to stay active during this pandemic. Turmacin® is an excellent choice for those who exercise regularly because it increases the time to onset of pain during exercise, allowing fitness enthusiasts to push harder, longer. It also effectively eases joint pain and increases joint mobility in physically active

GutGard® – Flavonoid-rich bioactive for daily digestive health

Hello friends! I am Mr. Guard. I would like to help you understand the daily digestive health benefits of GutGard®. GutGard® is a clinically researched, flavonoid-rich, natural bioactive for daily digestive health. It protects our gut from various daily digestive health issues and works both in stomach and intestine. Check out our new video to learn more

FitNox® – Plant-based Matrix to Boost Physical Performance

Have you ever wondered why do we feel pain after exercise? Exercising requires our muscles to work harder than they are used to. It stresses our muscles and causes muscle soreness. It also makes us feel exhausted which may reduce our endurance and performance. How to help relieve muscle soreness then? People usually needs to

Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract – Natural Ingredients for Prostate Health

Is there anyone that you know of – could be your father, husband,  any close relatives, or even yourself – who often wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? It might be a sign of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) that usually known as prostate gland enlargement. It is a