NewCaff® – Caffeine Solutions with Reduced Bitterness

NewCaff® is the source of microencapsulated without bitterness. The microencapsulation technology enables NewCaff® to mask the bitter taste of caffeine and provide sustained release. It offers many competitive advantages from clean non-bitter taste, controlled release, high caffeine concentration in 60% and 75%, as well as cleaner formulas. Kindly watch the video below for NewCaff®: Interested

MagShape® – Unique Magnesium Solutions for Everyone

MagShape® is a water-dispersible and highly concentrated magnesium source for people with active lifestyle. It has the ability to effectively restore and maintain a healthy level of magnesium in human cells and bones. MagShape® offers competitive advantages, such as in helping to relax and alleviates fatigue, providing vitality and stress relief, improving muscular function, enhancing

Lipofer® – Iron Microcapsules with Competitive Advantages

Lipofer® is a bioavailable and stable source of iron which uses microencapsulation technology. It offers many competitive advantages compared to other sources of iron, such as reduces metallic taste, controls interactions with other component, water dispersible, with no digestive tract irritation. It can be used in different product applications, such as milk powder, dairy products

MetabolAid® – Natural solution for weight management and heart health

MetabolAid® is a proprietary, patented botanical ingredient based on hibiscus and lemon verbena extracts. The combination of its active compounds, mainly anthocyanins in the hibiscus and verbascoside in the lemon verbena extract, has been scientifically proven to act synergistically, enhancing their weight management and cardiovascular health effect. Kindly watch the video below about the benefits

NutroxSun® – Beauty from within solution to manage the negative effects of solar radiation

NutroxSun® is a clinically proven natural ingredient combination of Mediterranean rosemary and grapefruit extracts, that protects, from the inside-out, the skin from sun-induced damage. The phenolic compounds and diterpenes contained in the rosemary extract, as well as the flavonoids present in the grapefruit, act on specific and complementary targets giving rise to an effective photoprotectien.

Magshape® – Concentrated Source of Magnesium for an Active Lifestyle

Magshape® is a highly concentrated magnesium source effective at restoring and maintaining a healthy level of magnesium in human cells and bones   Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in energy metabolism, respiratory function and maintenance of normal muscle contraction ad relaxation. Magnesium deficiency may lead to the distortion of neuromuscular function, suggesting a possible

Newcaff® – Sustained Caffeine Release with a Clean Taste

Newcaff® microcapsules is a novel caffeine delivery system which has been designed to mask the bitter taste of caffeine and provide sustained release.   Caffeine is a methylxanthine alkaloid which is a well-known for its properties in the central nervous system, its action as a metabolic stimulant, and a fatigue reducer. Caffeine, however, is quickly

Lipophytol® – Reduce Cholesterol with Plant Sterols

High blood cholesterol level is the first risk factor for coronary heart disease. The cholesterol lowering effect of plant sterols is well documented in the literature. Consumption of 1.5 to 2.4 grams of plant sterols per day has been found to potentially lower LDL-Cholesterol by 7% to 10%.   The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA),

M-Gard® to enhances your immune system

Keeping ourselves healthy is always important, especially in the middle of the pandemic. Therefore, we need strong immune system to protect the body from pathogens, like bacteria, virus, fungus, etc. M-Gard® can keep you healthy by boosting the immune system and raising your resistance level. It has been proven in the studies that M-Gard® can:

Viqua® to Beautifies the Skin

Why do most people want to be beautiful? Being beautiful would increase the self esteem as well as social acceptance. The first thing that we can do is to improve our skin health to help keep our skin looking its best. Nowadays, people are looking for natural ingredients that can be used to support beauty