Air Pollution May Leads to Cancer for the Worst

Dr. Fatih Birol, director of the IEA said that “air pollution is the fourth worst cause of the onset of health risks in the world. Around 3 Millions cases of premature death caused of outdoor air pollutan and most of them happen in urban areas”.

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia is a country which has bad air quality refer to percentage of ir quality PM 2.5, SO2 and NO2. A study by Universitas Indonesia on the health risks of PM 2.5 an CO in Jakarta, showed high concentration of air pollutan inhaled by respondents while travelling from their home to the office or school. The same report also indicated that air conditioned cars do not keep out the pullution. Those travelling in these cares inhale the same level of pollutan. (1)

Between 3 bigest city in Java Island: Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung; while in the cities of Jakarta and Surabaya about 80 to 90% of the respondents considered air pollution a serious problem. In Bandung, a majority of te respondents did not consider air pollution as major issue.

The things you should know about the pollution and especially for PM 2.5, It is kind of particle which produced by motor vehicle fumes. PM 2.5 knows as the worst pollution which corelates with Astma, Pneumonia, lung disorders, chronic obstruction, cardio, and the worst for cancer. (2)

The most air pollutan absorbed by our body, the most ROS produced. One kind of theraphy we can used to reduce amount of ROS in our body with consume view kind of fruit and vegie contain of antioxidant which can help on detofication.

One of super vegetable is broccoli sprouts, it has super high in antioxidant that help detoxification enzyme in the digestive track. Broccoli has a strong positive impact on our body’s detoxification system. The dynamic trio of nutrient Glucoraphanin, Glucorasturiin and Glucobrassicin neutralize and eliminate unwanted contaminants.

Here is some function of Broccoli sprouts:

  • Relieve astma symptoms
  • Loaded with fiber
  • Protects againts tissue damage in diabetes
  • Good source of many vitamin B
  • Stop replication of colon-cancer cell

broccoli-sproutsSource: (1) UI and US envirenmental partnership (2) BBC Indonesia news

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