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MetabolAid® – Natural solution for weight management and heart health

MetabolAid® is a proprietary, patented botanical ingredient based on hibiscus and lemon verbena extracts. The combination of its active compounds, mainly anthocyanins in the hibiscus and verbascoside in the lemon verbena extract, has been scientifically proven to act synergistically, enhancing their weight management and cardiovascular health effect. Kindly watch the video below about the benefits

NutroxSun® – Beauty from within solution to manage the negative effects of solar radiation

NutroxSun® is a clinically proven natural ingredient combination of Mediterranean rosemary and grapefruit extracts, that protects, from the inside-out, the skin from sun-induced damage. The phenolic compounds and diterpenes contained in the rosemary extract, as well as the flavonoids present in the grapefruit, act on specific and complementary targets giving rise to an effective photoprotectien.