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Gutgard® – Flavonoid rich, innovative DGL for digestive health

What is the function of the gut? The gut transports food from the mouth to the stomach, converts it into absorbable nutrients and stored energy. Gut health has a huge impact in our overall health because the gut contains healthy bacteria and immune cells which help to protect the body from pathogenic microbes. How can

Turmacin® – Discover the power of water-soluble Turmerosaccharides

Why can we bend our knees and elbows, bend over, walk, wave our hands, or even write? It is because we have joints that connect our bones. Joints hold our skeleton together and support our movement. Inside the joint, there are cartilage and synovial fluid which act as cushion between bones so that they wouldn’t

MenaquinGold® – Natural Vitamin K2-7 for Peripheral Neuropathy

What would you do if you accidentally touched a hot plate? You will reflexively pull back your hand and you will feel pain. This could happen because of the nervous system which simultaneously detect the heat and transfer the signals to our brain. The brain will then coordinate the response and cause our muscles to