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Special Dairy Ingredients (halal by MUI)

1. Special Whey Protein Isolate or Concentrate A functional whey protein isolate (90%) or concentrate (80%) for protein fortification of clinical nutrition products as well as sports foods. It has a high heat stability and is clear in solution, which makes it especially suited for pasteurized or UHT liquid products, even stable for low pH.

Natural Antioxidant & Vit E

1. Tocobiol® Natural Antioxidant made up of mixed Natural Tocopherols from NON-GMO vegetable oil. 2. Nutrabiol® T Mixed Tocopherols from 100% natural NON GMO vegetable oil. 3. Nutrabiol® E – Natural vitamin E D-alpha-tocopherol acetate and non-acetate in concentrated powder or oil from 100% natural NON GMO vegetable oil. 4. Vitrenol™ A natural palm Vit.


Hytolive® Olive fruit extract with a purified form of natural hydroxytyrosol, approved by EFSA to protect LDL particles from oxidative damage. Also benefits for skin whitening effect. Lipophytol™ Microencapsulated phytosterol, a new cholesterol-lowering delivery system for phytosterol readily water dispersible (no need fat/oil to soluble), approved by EFSA. Phoscalim® Fish mineral extract powder, genuine source

Microencapsulated Mineral

Lipofer – Microencapsulated Iron (halal approved by MUI) A tasteless (no metalic taste & odor) and non prooxidative iron delivery system with enhance absorption profile, non-irritating, stable at high temperature, and water dispersible. Lipocal – Microencapsulated Calcium (halal approved by MUI) Microencapsulated Tricalcium phosphate with improve dispersibility and enhanced bioavailability, also suitable for vegeratian people.


Malt is Beer’s principal raw material. Yes, Malt, not Hops, the latter being there to provide aroma and bitterness and preserve the beer, rather than to be what Malt is, i.e. Malt is, without question, the very best precursor of Quality Beer’s fundamental constituents: Flavour and Alcohol! Applications:  Beverages.


1. Collactive™ Combination of two main constituents of the extracellular matrix: elastin fibres for dermis suppleness and collagen fibres for tensile strength in the same ratio as in the dermis. Also has an anti-wrinkle synergic action and skin moisturizing function. 2. Collagen HM Purified hydrolyzed marine collagen, soluble in aqueous phase and fully digestible. Recommended

Herbal Extract

1. Guarana 2. Chlorophylin 3. Bilberry 4. Black Tea 5. Green Tea 6. Ginseng 7. Echinacea 8. Garcinia Cambodia 9. Ginkgo BIloba 10. Epimedium 11. Butea Superba 12. Licorice Extract Licorice extract is a natural flavor and, respectively a flavoring, sweetening and debittering agent. It is sometimes used as a natural coloring agent in food

Corn Starch Derivatives

1. Erythritol A natural bulk sweetener which is suitable for a variety of reduced-calorie and sugar-free foods. 2. Polydextrose Water-soluble fiber with prebiotic nature as sugar and fat replacer. 3. Beta-Cyclodextrin A kind of oligosaccharides generated from starch under the action of glucose transfers, with particular closed cartridge molecular structure. Play a role as bitterness

PT. Verentia Inti Cipta Alami Best Vendor 2012 Kalbe Group – PT. Bintang Toedjoe

We delightedly announce that VICA has been recently awarded by Kalbe – Group based on three category: Best Value Creation Performance, Best Delivery Performance and Best Raw Meterial Vendor, from one of their sister companies:  PT. Bintang Toedjoe.

Hytolive® – Natural Hydroxytyrosol from olive fruit extract

Mediterranean countries have maximized their use of olive oil, becoming the largest consumers, producers, and exporters of both olives and olive oil. Inhabitants of Southern European and North African regions surrounding the Mediterranean Sea have a longer life expectancy and lower risk of chronic diseases than in other regions of the world. Health benefits of